Enjoy a day out in a KIMONO in YOKOHAMA:
The first gateway to modern western culture in Japan.
Sightsee & have fun in YOKOHAMA KIMONO STYLE.

  • No preparation necessary – full KIMONO set from head to toe
  • Approx. 100 KIMONO and Obi straps to choose from
  • Get dressed in a relaxed, retro atmosphere
  • Professional fitters will dress you comfortably in no time
  • 5 min. walk from popular sightseeing sites such as Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yamashita Park, Osanabashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

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Kimono gown, Obi strap, undergarment, Tabi socks, accessories, bag, footwear and fitting.
*Does not include hair arrangement/hair accessories
*Yukata gown will be provided for the summer months. Does not include Tabi socks


Please return by 5:30 the day of the rental (store closes at 6pm).
*Kimono rental on a first-come first-serve basis; we cannot reserve a specific garment
*If you are unable to return by 5:30pm, you will be charged the rental fee for the following day
*We are unable to return any personal belongings after 6pm

Kimono 5,500 yen, approx.
Hakama 9,000 yen, approx.
Furisode (formal gown) 14,500 yen / 29,000 yen approx.

Kimono 5,500 yen, approx.
Hakama 9,000 yen, approx.

Kimono 3,500 yen, approx.
Yukata (summer gown) 3,500 yen, approx.

*Please pay on the day of your reservation.
*We accept VISA/MasterCard.


The most basic gown.
Choose from a wide array of
colorful colors and designs.
Perfect for strolling around town.


A skirt-type garment wrapped on
top of the Kimono.
Easy to move around - recommended for
the active type.
A classic style, often worn by female
students centuries ago.


The most formal type of Kimono.
Beautiful, silk gown with very long sleeves, decorated in beautiful patterns.
Feel elegant and classically Japanese.


Advanced reservations are recommended. [phone: 045-663-8108]
Please contact us if you are canceling a reservation.
*If there is a spot available, same day rental can be accommodated


3 min. walk from NIHONDAI-DORI Station, Minato Mirai Line
15 min. walk from KANNAI Station, JR Line


Choose your Kimono, Obi and accessories after you check in.
A professional fitter will help you choose.
*We do not accept reservations for Kimonos in advance
*We do not rent accessories without Kimonos


Choose a kimono and be fitted by a professional. Feel beautiful and comfortable.
*There may be a wait during busy hours
*The shape of Obi will be selected by the fitter


You are now in YOKOHAMA KIMONO style - go enjoy the vibrant city of Yokohama!
*We will hold your personal belongings until your return to the Kimono station (please take your valuables with you)

Welcome back

Change back into your clothes – go back out to the city for more fun!
*You will be charged for an extra day if returned after 5:30pm

We are unable to accept expectant mothers as the Obi straps and waist straps may not be suitable.

[Size Guide]

Height: Max. 175cm Hip: Max. 100cm Feet: up to 26.5cm

Height: Max. 190cm Hip: Max. 100cm Feet: up to 29cm

Height: Min. 100cm Feet: Min. 16cm

For reservations, please go to our reservations page:
go to our reservations page

Choose a KIMONO
Ladies’ Kimono / Hakama / Furisode / Yukata (summer gown)
Men’s Kimono / Yukata (summer gown)
Children’s Kimono / Yukata (summer gown)
◆Number of people
◆Preferred reservation date & time
◆Email address
◆Gender, height, and shoe size of each participant

Hours: Open daily 10am to 6pm
phone: 045-663-8108
e-mail yokohama@kimonostation.com
Room134 M1F Silk Center, 1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa
* Closed Wednesdays
(Proceed from the left hand side of the drugstore on the first floor of the Silk Center. The HAIKARA KIMONO KAN is facing the entrance to the Eiichibangai Shopping Arcarde)